OBDMobile Display

2014 Update

Hello everyone.

Last year (2013) I have graduated with my bachelors in Software Engineering from the University of Texas at Arlington. I have also been working full time since then in the industry. My position and my work has been keeping me very busy and have been keeping my 'programming needs' fulfilled. So my projects for the most part have been put on my back burner. Nokia and Microsoft have released last year a way that now makes it possible to port OBDMobile onto Windows Phones and I don't know when I will be able to dedicate the time to actually work on it. I have also a few plans for Android that may not be realized, along with a more streamlined Interactive Mirror. Most of my free time is now being dedicated to my martial arts endeavours: Fort Worth Combatives.

I'm still very happy to answer any questions you guys have on any of my projects, just don't be to surprised if I don't exactly remember the algorithms on a 6 year old project. Hopefully as time goes on I will have more time to work on some cool new stuff. Too bad I can't tell you about all I do at work :P

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