P90X Manager

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This is a Windows 7 Phone Application created to help out with the P90X workout.
It is split into two sections, Nutrition which has information on the three P90X Phases
and also a list of approved food guidelines to help out when your on the go.
There is also the Workout section set up by weeks that allows you to write down and keep track of
your current and past works outs.
You can write down your Reps and Weight you had use for that routine.


This is how it is used:

  • Nutrition section has a list of approved food, and a basic reminder of the Three Phases and Levels
  • The Workout section is devided by weeks, and then by workouts.
  • In each workout you are able to document and save your reps and weight used for each workout.
  • After saving you can review past workouts.


Ok i made this in 2009 to learn more about Isolated Storage and i have not touched it since. I am pretty sure i took the long and hard way of geting this all to work. I also bet that there are a lot of better P90X Managers workout helps out there with guides and graphs and all that stuff. I spent enough time working on this that i think it would be a slight waste to just delete it so im releasing the XAP here for you all who will probably never download it.

This is the Windows Phone 7 .xap file, you are going to need a Developer Unlocked phone or a "Jail Broken/Unlocked" phone. There is no guarantees with this program. I dont even guarantee that it will work for you at all. I also dont plan on working on it any more or to really do any bug squashing. I didnt even put a comments section here or in the form because i dont really care about this program.


There is no guarantees, promises or anything with this release.

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